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Find, explore, and learn about careers.

Students and teachers jumping Our Video Archive is returned to working order. [Technical Note: View these Quick Time videos with Internet Explorer or browser other than Chrome. Google just released an update for Chrome that will not allow viewing of these Quick Time files. We expect to have and solution in the near future.]

Enrollment for LIVE sessions still requires emailing your sign up information to We are sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for understanding.

Student Career Info is a production of Students & Leaders Network, Inc. a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing career information for students, educators, parents and the public.

The program features live Q&A video discussions and a digital library of topics that provide information and insight on careers and life challenges for students. Additional video sessions of experts explaining their careers are continually added.

77,389 Students have participated in LIVE and streamed-video sessions! View our latest Summary Report.

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Educators: Print General Info Sheet

  • Register your class for live, interactive video conferencing by experts and leaders in a range of careers (Currently limited to Wisconsin schools).
  • Go to our presentations section now to see upcoming topics.
  • Stream recorded sessions to your classroom.
  • No fees everything is free.