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Colin Korlesky

Colin Korlesky
Undergraduate Student
UW-Madison Biomedical Engineering Department

1550 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706

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Colin Korlesky graduated from Marshfield High School in 2011 and is currently a sophomore studying Biomedical Engineering and French at UW-Madison. He graduated 5th of 332 students and entered the UW with 49 AP credits. Beginning first semester of his freshman year Colin became involved in the Biomedical Engineering Society and is currently the Industry/Research Chair, where he coordinates speakers from various medical industry companies for the bi-weekly meetings and organizes trips to various Biomedical Device companies and Medical/Graduate Schools. He also became an active volunteer, donating his time at St. Mary’s Hospital, the River Food Pantry, and delivering insulin to a blind diabetic, among others. He began researching Medullary Thyroid Cancer starting his first semester in the lab of Dr. Herbert Chen, MD, in the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research and continues his research to this day. He is an author in multiple scientific abstracts and a scientific article that is in the process of being submitted to Cancer, a lead scientific journal. Colin has been included on the Dean’s List starting his first semester and currently holds a 4.0 GPA. As a result of his academic success and out of class involvement Colin received the Sophomore Scholarship from the College of Engineering, followed by the Harold (Hal) E. Mennes Scholarship, a full in-state tuition scholarship that is renewable for three years. Colin plans on studying abroad in France the spring semester of 2014 and then graduating in the fall of 2016 with his Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering.

Transitioning from high school to college is a drastic change that can overwhelm even the most prepared students. Furthermore, often times college is only partially described, left as a nebula that students are thrown into and left to sink or swim. As a UW-Madison student, Colin Korlesky brings first-hand insight on what its really like when you get to college. Colin shares what he has distinguished to be true and that which is better left as part of the aura surrounding college. (Running Time 22:08)