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“How did you become a lobbyist?”

Presented by: Bill Esbeck - Executive Director, Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association

Description: When someone asks Bill Esbeck what he does for a living, and he tells them he is a lobbyist, their next question is often how did you become a lobbyist? Unlike some other jobs, you don’t go to school to become a lobbyist and graduate with a degree in lobbying. However, common interests and career choices exist that can lead to lobbying. Bill will discuss his path in politics and policy that evolved into a career as a lobbyist.

“Print, the very first text message.”

Presented by: Therese Gulbransen - Vice President of Sales and Marketing, American Printing Company

Description: Think print is dead? You couldn’t be further from the truth! In this presentation Therese and Nicole will share how print influences your daily life and how a career in printing can take you anywhere in the world. Learn the common misconceptions about print, and what the future has instore for anyone considering a career in this industry.

21st Century Practice: What the Future Looks Like For Aspiring Lawyers

Presented by: Tripp Stroud - Owner/Attorney, Trifecta General Counsel

Description: The practice of law is largely unchanged from what it was 200 years ago. And it is now an industry in decline. Lawyers are quickly being replaced by non-lawyer professionals and freely-available online resources, and so the demand for legal services drops every year even as the economy expands. The good news is there is a tremendous opportunity for prominence, prosperity, and happiness for aspiring lawyers that are willing to try something different, become an expert in a specialized area of law, or practice in under-served areas. In this conversation, we’ll discuss the path to getting to and through law school and what young lawyers can do to prepare themselves for success in an industry undergoing transformation.

911 Communicator: an Important Voice in Public Safety

Presented by: Paul Logan - Support Services Manager, Dane County Public Safety Communications

Description: They are the first line of response when the call comes in for help during an emergency. For 9-1-1 Communicators, working in an emergency dispatch center is more than just a job; it’s a challenging and rewarding career that allows them to work with the latest technology, dedicated people, and the personal satisfaction of knowing that they are making a difference in people’s lives. Being a public safety communicator is a higher calling, with tremendous responsibility that demands some personal sacrifice for the common good of all people. Learn about what it takes to get into this rewarding career. (Running Time 21:24)

A “Cheddar” Path: Careers in Cheesemaking

Presented by: Paul Witke - Co-Owner, Zimmerman Cheese

Description: Make what you love, with a career in cheesemaking! Wisconsin’s dairy processing industry holds terrific job opportunities, whether you’re college-bound or ready to go to work. Zimmerman Cheese’s Paul Witke grew up in a cheesemaking family, but invites you, too, to get involved in one of our state’s most beloved traditions. Learn what it’s like to work in a cheese plant, the salaries and benefits workers can expect, and how you can get a foot in the door now!

A Career on the Wild Side: DNR Wildlife Biologist

Presented by: Nancy Frost - Wildlife Biologist, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Description: It’s hard to describe a day-in-the-life of a Wildlife Biologist. So says Nancy Frost, a wildlife biologist for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, who researches and manages all kinds of wild creatures. Duties can vary from day-to-day and even differ throughout the year for various regions of the state. Wildlife Biologists are often property managers for DNR public lands, working on habitat management for those properties based on species focus or natural community focus. Nancy explains what it is like to take on this career working on the wild side. (Running Time 21:04)

A Chef for Cows, the Dairy Nutritionist

Presented by: Julie Wadzinski - Farm Business and Production Management Instructor, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College

Description: From mixing feed on her own family farm to creating the recipe for cows on different farms across the nation, the dairy nutritionists job is to problem solve and create a balanced, healthy meal for the animals that help feed us. Julie will walk you through the educational pathways to becoming a nutritionist. She will shed light on the different day to day activities of a nutritionist.

A Chemical Engineer's Role in a Food Company

Presented by: Beth Ann Nylander - Sr. Quality Leader, Nutrition Applications, Kraft Foods Inc.

Description: When people think of working in the food industry, they don’t normally think of someone having an engineering degree. However, there are many skills that one learns as an engineer, especially as a chemical engineer, that make the field an excellent one in which to have a long term career. Beth Ann Nylander will share her insight about those attributes and how she has been able to apply them in the many varied roles that she’s had while working for Kraft Foods. (Running Time 22:13)

A Creative, Analytical Builder of Software

Presented by: Brandon Hawker - Senior Platform Architect and iOS Developer, Noble Applications

Description: The days of stereotyping software developers and programmers as anti-social nerds typing away on computers in their basement are over. Today, developers like Brandon participate on and help lead diverse teams in all aspects required to build software, collaborating with co-workers and customers in many different roles from across the US and the world. Brandon explores day-to-day work in the software industry from this perspective, and expands on the variety of skills that are in demand. Interested in a career in the Web and Mobile (User Experience) Design field but not sure what the field UX or usability means? Jennifer has been helping people interact with and easily use websites since 1998. She has a passion for taking something complicated and making it easy to use. She will explain how her path as a Certified Usability Analyst and User Experience Designer has led her to a position helping start-ups and businesses grow their online presence and new ideas. Jennifer will talk through the training she had to have as well as what a typical day is like for her in the business setting.

A League of Your Own: Sports Management Careers

Presented by: Conor Caloia - General Manager, Madison Mallards Baseball Club

Description: Sports are a major draw for many young people today, playing for leisure or for a bit of competition. But what is it really like to work for a sports organization? Being a pro-athlete is tough to do, but what about the other career possibilities for someone with a great interest in the sports arena. Conor Caloia is a UW-Madison graduate who began as an intern with the Madison Mallards while in school and now after working elsewhere in the field, has returned to help run the summer collegiate baseball team as their General Manager. Caloia will discuss his background and offer insight on sports careers on and off the field. (Running Time 24:35)

A Public Health Inspector Does What?

Presented by: Eric Olson - Sanitarian II, Public Health-Madison & Dane County

Description: A sanitarian, also known as a public health inspector, is a person who promotes public health by conducting inspections and investigations in order to make sure standards of cleanliness and sanitation are enforced. Eric Olson will discuss the general educational requirements and training as well as the variety of duties a sanitarian can expect. (Running Time 23:07)

Actuarial Careers: Dream Jobs for Math Lovers

Presented by: Katie Werner - Pricing Strategist, American Family Insurance

Description: If you are a problem solver and enjoy math, actuarial science might be the profession for you. Actuaries draw upon a solid background of mathematics and statistics, financial economics, and even computer science to creatively solve problems, primarily for the insurance industry. As a young actuary at American Family Insurance, Katie Werner is hoping to encourage more young women into the field which typically has more men. However, for any interested individual, Katie says actuarial science provides a vibrant learning environment as well as good pay, job security and work-life balance. (Running Time 22:08)

Agribusiness Careers: Supporting Wisconsin’s Agricultural Industry

Presented by: Bob Carlson - Chief Executive Officer, Landmark Cooperative

Description: Being involved in Wisconsin’s agriculture industry spans far beyond life on the farm. From animal nutrition and agronomy services to grain management, transportation and marketing, there are a wide range of agribusiness careers to consider. As the head of Landmark Cooperative, CEO Bob Carlson shares insight on the variety of jobs that are involved with running an agricultural co-op and the skills needed to get into the field. (Running Time 22:44)

Air Traffic Controller: an Eye Toward Air Safety

Presented by: Arthur Janowski - Air Traffic Control Specialist, Federal Aviation Administration

Description: Safe, orderly and expeditious: that is an Air Traffic Controller’s objective. Controllers provide service to aircraft on the ground and in the air, to keep them separated from other aircraft, and to get them to their destinations quickly and without incident. There are many positions of an Air Traffic Controller and each one has a specific duty to perform. With five years of service and experience, Arthur Janowski discusses the various positions working in Air Traffic Control and helps guide students looking toward a career in the Air Traffic field. (Running Time 24:14)

Alcohol and Drug Counseling: Helping Others Recover

Presented by: Erica Lehr-Reuber - Alcohol and Drug Counselor, St. Clare Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Description: Alcohol and drug abuse and addiction are ever present in our society. Helping people regain control of their lives from chemical dependency is job that takes dedicated individuals. As an Alcohol and Drug Counselor at St. Clare Center in Baraboo, Erica Lehr-Reuber shares her first-hand experiences in the field and reviews the training and personal skills that are imperative to this very important career path. (Running Time 22:17)

Alliant - A High Voltage Career: Power Line Technician to Operations Management

Presented by: Brian Bartels - Manager of Customer Operations, Alliant Energy-Beaver Dam

Description: Brian Bartels graduated from high school and was accepted to the UW Madison School of Engineering. At the last minute Brian decided that wasn’t his path, and found a job with a utility subcontractor. After a few years working with the utilities, he decided a line technician was his true calling. Fast forward to today, and Brian now manages projects that include subcontractors. Brian will share with how job skills gained today can move you in new directions and opportunities in the future. (Running Time 22:07)

Alliant - Mechanical Engineering and the Business of Energy

Presented by: Maria Lauck - Regional Director - Generation Operations, Alliant Energy Corporation

Description: Powering the world is a 24-hour job involving a multitude of professionals and trades people. Among those are many engineers helping plan, execute and troubleshoot energy issues. Maria Lauck is a mechanical engineer with Alliant Energy Corporation. She shares insight on her role as an engineer in the vibrant arena of power production and delivery. As well, Maria reviews the vast opportunities for mechanical engineers in business today. (Running Time 22:34)

Alliant - Project Management: What Have You Built Lately?

Presented by: Rick Zimmerman - Project Manager, Alliant Energy

Description: Construction Project Manager: Advancing Society through Construction Interested in being the team lead to build projects similar to Miller Park, Lambeau Field, Hospitals or your school? If so, maybe a career as a Project Manager is right for you. I was drawn to this career as my favorite subjects were math and science, coupled with ability to work successfully with a team and a desire to escape a typical office. I will talk through the responsibilities of a Project Manager, whose job is to plan, schedule, budget and oversee and document all aspects of a specific project.

Alliant - Project Management: Springboard to Corporate Leadership Opportunities

Presented by: Brad Pincombe - Director, Business Services, Alliant Energy

Description: A liberal arts degree and project management skills and experience provide an excellent foundation for leadership opportunities in any industry. Project managers must be quick learners, strong communicators, thorough planners, tolerant of ambiguity and capable of identifying and mitigating risks. They often are responsible for large budgets and must ensure that what they deliver meets their customers’ expectations. Sounds like someone who is a corporate leader, doesn’t it? Brad Pincombe will talk about his career journey from a project team member to a project and program manager to his current role as Director, Business Services for Alliant Energy and the key skills that got him there.

Alliant - What will I be when I grow up?

Presented by: Erin Dammen - Lead Digital Engagement Consultant, Alliant Energy

Description: There’s a misconception that a career needs to follow a single path or stay within a single area. Authentic relationships, recognizing opportunities, a willingness to learn and a blend of personal and organizational skills have allowed Erin Dammen to explore different job positions and keep growing. Spotting the patterns in a “patchwork career” can help identify what really matters to you in any position.

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