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Registered Dietitian: Promoting Health through Nutrition

Presented by: Rene Walters - Clinical Nutritionist/Diabetes Educator, UW Health - West Clinic

Description: Helping patients feel better can be as easy as managing what they eat. That is the role of a Registered Dietician, also called Clinical Nutritionists. Rene Walters has expanded his work in nutrition a step further by becoming a Certified Diabetes Educator. With so many people impacted by this disease, Rene says understanding the sick side of sweet is rewarding work that helps patients manage their diabetes and avoid the devastating impacts of the illness. (Running Time 23:09)

Rehabilitation Psychology: Fighting the Underlying Issues

Presented by: Walter Williams - Juvenile Court Worker, Dane County Juvenile Detention Center

Description: Sometimes people are in rough circumstances and there never seems to be a way out. The field of Rehabilitation Psychology works with people facing issues such as physical or emotional disabilities, as well and drug and alcohol problems. As a juvenile court worker, Walter Williams uses counseling techniques from the field of Rehabilitation Psychology to help troubled teens combat some of the underlying issues they face on a daily basis. Williams shares highlights of his experience and guides students on careers helping others find a path to a better life. (Running Time 22:13)

Respiratory Therapist: a Life and Breath Career

Presented by: Justine Ropp - Pediatric Respiratory Therapist, American Family Children's Hospital

Description: It’s the first line in critical care, making sure the patient has a clear way to take in breath. Being a Respiratory Therapist provides a challenging and rewarding career path for those who are interested in hands-on patient care in a variety of settings. Hear from Justine Ropp, an experienced medical professional who works with some of the youngest patients in her role as Pediatric Respiratory Therapist for American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison. (Running Time 23:09)

Retail Automotive Dealerships: Variety of Careers

Presented by: Jim Neustadt - Director of Human Resources, Smart Motors, Inc.

Description: The retail automotive industry is very exciting and complex. It takes a great deal of people to run an auto operation, offering a variety of career opportunities. The average dealership employs salespeople who sell new and used cars; office staff; finance and insurance experts; technicians; body shop technicians; parts specialists; and internet developers, to mention a few. In this session, learn how the retail automotive industry may be a career route for you. (Running Time 23:01)

RH - Being A Nurse: Caring Beyond the Bedside

Presented by: Jeremiah Galvan - Clinical Manager – Critical Care, Gundersen Health System

Description: Healthcare has been a hot topic for many years now. Just do a search of healthcare and you will be inundated with links to articles about policies, markets, and shortages. What you won’t see, unless you dig, are the pieces about the awesome work many healthcare providers are doing to improve the health of their communities. Jeremiah Galvan, the clinical manager of the ICU at a nationally recognized hospital, will discuss what it means to be a nurse, whether that is at the bedside, in a boardroom, or outside the walls of a hospital. He will also share his story as it pertains to the pursuit of becoming a nurse and the transition to practice.

RH - Pharmacist: More than just Counting Pills

Presented by: Cindy Kissack - Director of Pharmacy, SSM Health St. Clare Hospital

Description: Cindy developed a love of chemistry in high school, but discovered in college that she did not enjoy labwork. Pharmacy was a way to stay involved with chemistry. Having worked as a pharmacist in a number of roles, she will talk about what those roles involved, why she loves what she does, and where the future of pharmacy might lead.

Save the World: A Career in Environmental Advocacy

Presented by: Steve Hiniker - Executive Director, 1000 Friends of Wisconsin

Description: Explore a rewarding career in making the world a better place to live. With concerns over global warming, future energy supplies, air and water pollution a career in environmental advocacy can be a challenging and exciting job choice. You will learn what it means to be an environmental lobbyist and what it takes to keep a nonprofit organization healthy. The financial rewards don’t come close the earnings of the private sector but the satisfaction of creating a better place for future generations is unequaled. (Running Time 21:38)

Science for Everyone

Presented by: Kathy Kline - Education Outreach Specialist, UW Sea Grant Institute

Description: Do you like science, but you’re not sure about a career as a scientist? Kathy Kline had an inspiring science experience in high school, but then wasn’t sure about her career path in college. She finally combined her interests in science and communication into a job that takes her to wetlands, classrooms, laboratories, and out sailing the Great Lakes to help people understand why science is important for everyone.

Small Business Ownership a Slice at a Time

Presented by: Nick "Marty" Martin - Managing Partner, Ian's Pizza

Description: Nick “Marty” Martin shares the story of the iconic Madison restaurant Ian’s Pizza. What started as a pizza-by-the-slice shop near the UW campus has grown into five restaurants in three states, along with other spin-off businesses as well. As an owner of many of these companies, Martin has a wealth of experiences to share with young small business owners in the making. What does it take to start a business? What are the challenges and obstacles growing from one location to several? Marty shares some of the answers to this and more. With a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, can you be the next successful entrepreneur? (Running Time 22:48)

So, you want to change the world? Then roll up your sleeves

Presented by: Katie Hensel - Founder and Executive Director, Tri 4 Schools

Description: We all dream of a career where we’re able to give back in a meaningful way. You may even have an idea on how you can change the world around you for the greater good. Katie Hensel left her high stakes tech job in the corporate world and started her own non-profit dedicated to getting kids healthy and supporting health and wellness efforts in schools, and learned a lot about herself in the process. Find out the good, the bad, and the ugly side of being your own boss and how making a difference through a non-profit can be a fulfilling career path. (Running Time 24:04)

Social Media for Issue Based Campaign Strategy & Govt Branding

Presented by: Gail Sumi - Member Engagement and Communications Director, League of Wisconsin Municipalities

Description: Social media strategy is an important part of political issue campaigns and of branding. Gail Sumi manages the League of Wisconsin Municipality’s communications including the organization’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. She’ll address how the League is using social media on issue based campaigns including #JustFixItWI, getting people involved and interested in funding pothole fixes. Plus check out #CityHallSelfie on Twitter. She’ll talk about branding government too.

Social Media: It’s All About Content

Presented by: Ron Giordan - Content/Social Media Strategy Director, Mid-West Digital Marketing

Description: What do people use the internet for? Just about everything. But, there has to be people to create the information that is being put out there to be consumed. This is content. Ron Giordan always wanted to be a writer/journalist. After realizing that what he was really doing was creating content for people to consume, he switched gears and now creates content for websites and social media for businesses across the country. What does that mean? He’ll tell you what a typical day is like! (Running Time 24:21)

Software Developer: Why soft skills matter in a highly technical industry

Presented by: Jeremy Jepsen - Solutions Architect, WTS Paradigm

Description: The software industry has typically been dominated by people with highly technical skills. Often times, this extreme focus on technical ability leads to a serious lack of individuals that can merge business need with a proper technical solution. Using his own path as an example, Jeremy Jepsen will focus on why a well-rounded education and a diversity of work experiences is becoming more important for a work force that is being driven toward specialization. (Running Time 22:45)

Special Education Teacher: Revealing the potential in every student

Presented by: Eric Smith - Special Education Learning Strategist, Stoughton High School

Description: Discover an occupation that brings you the extraordinary opportunity to be an integral part of students’ lives and development. Each day different, each learner unique, encouraging teens to become their best is the invaluable purpose of this job. Eric Smith will explain the requirements to become a Special Educator and offer insight on skills needed to be effective in the career long-term. (Running Time 26:10)

Sports Medicine: So you want to be a Jock Doc?

Presented by: David Gronski, MD - Sports Medicine Physician, Dean Medical Center

Description: A career in Sports Medicine as a physician requires a commitment to education and helping others. David Gronski’s interest in Sports Medicine evolved during his education and was combined with a career in Family Medicine. As a primary care physician he has cared for patients from their birth until death. His career in Sports Medicine has included being a team physician for a local high school for 21 years. As well, he has cared for pre-teens, high school, college, Olympic and professional athletes, as well as “Weekend warriors” and “athletes” over 100 years old. Dr. Gronski reviews the common pathways to becoming a Sports Medicine physician and what to expect from a sometimes demanding, but very rewarding career as a “Jock Doc”. (Running Time 24:04)

Sportscasting – How to Stand Out From the Crowd

Presented by: Jessie Garcia - Sports Anchor & Reporter, WTMJ-TV

Description: Sport enthusiasts may look at it as a dream job – being a sports reporter. But in a crowded and competitive sports market how do you make your mark in a unique but not obnoxious way? This presentation offers practical tips on how to get into the sportscasting field, with an emphasis on doing things outside of the box. Hear from Jessie Garcia, a sports reporter with 20 years of experience who has covered three Super Bowls, hosted two coach’s shows and reported from the Packers sidelines. Jessie shares fun and interesting stories and advice. (Running Time 24:18)

Sterile Processing Tech: Clean Freaks Must Apply

Presented by: Tony Bondon - Sterile Processing Manager, St. Mary's Hospital

Description: If you like things neat, orderly and clean, a career as a Sterile Processing Technician may be a good fit. They are the frontline in the field of medicine to make sure all instruments, supplies and medical devices are sterilized and stored properly. It’s a critical role in infection control for hospitals, clinics, laboratories and other facilities. Tony Bondon manages a team of Sterile Processing Techs for one of Madison’s busy hospitals. He shares insight into this essential position and how it is growing and changing with advances in medicine and technology. (Running Time 24:13)

Surgical Technologist: Inside the Operating Room

Presented by: Maureen Vick - Surgical Technologist, Stoughton Hospital

Description: Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in an operating room? It’s not just surgeons and nurses who are involved. This session explores the role of a Surgical Technologist, an important member of the operating team. Learn what kind of education and training are involved from Maureen Vick, a Surgical Tech who’s marking one year on the job at Stoughton Hospital. Maureen shares what a typical day is like in the OR and why she thinks it’s truly a privilege to see inside the human body. (Running Time 23:16)

Take a Bow: Careers in the Performing Arts

Presented by: Tim Sauers - V.P. of Programming & Community Engagement, Overture Center for the Arts

Description: Being an actor, singer or dancer aren’t the only jobs you can have in the performing arts. Did you know it takes someone to manage a singer’s career and someone else to schedule their performances in the concert venue? Someone else has to manage the business accounts and another person to market the show to the public. Tim will explore the various careers associated with the touring and presenting of the performing arts. If you have a love for theater or the arts then there’s probably a position for you! It might be one you never knew existed. (Running Time 22:09)

Take Charge of Your Credit: How it can work For and Against you

Presented by: Debra Neubauer - Director, UW Extension Financial Education Center

Description: We hear a lot about credit these days. Radio and television commercials tout services where you can find out your credit score. But what is this magic number and why is it so important for you to understand it? As director of the UW-Extension’s Financial Education Center, Deb Neubauer will break down the issue for students. What exactly is credit, and how young consumers can get on track to a good credit history. (Running Time 24:34)

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