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When life hands you an event…learn what it takes to plan it!

Presented by: Kennedy Turner - President, Blueprint Events, LLC

Description: For some planning events sounds amazing… picking food and decor, working with a variety of people, spending your time selecting cool venues and entertainment. The truth is… it takes more than just a love for events to succeed in this fast-paced challenging field, you must have an eye for details and ability to handle multiple deadlines and personalities. Kennedy will walk you through her background as well as what it takes to succeed in the corporate event planning world.

Why an Art Degree Made me a Better Lawyer

Presented by: Ann Wenzel - Corporate Counsel, American Family Insurance Corporation

Description: Most students eyeing a law degree may think a pre-law undergraduate track is the best way to becoming an attorney. Maybe not, says Ann Wenzel, a corporate lawyer, currently working at American Family, a Fortune 500 company. Ann discusses the effect her undergraduate studio art degree has had her legal career and her approach to legal issues and problem solving. Echoing the advice of law school advisors, Ann suggests that there are many other valuable things other Bachelor’s degree programs offer as a pathway to becoming a lawyer. (Running Time 22:13)

Why Choose A Career As An Attorney?

Presented by: Bryce Tolefree - Associate General Counsel, American Family Mutual Insurance Company

Description: The road to a successful career as an attorney is extremely challenging, and yet, choosing to practice law can be incredibly gratifying and rewarding. The practice of law offers a variety of career options and opportunities. Lawyers permeate almost every facet of our society serving as leaders in government, business, and our communities. Lawyers are both indispensable in a civil society while at the same time disliked (by many) as a professional order. Bryce Tolefree will explain what it takes to be a successful lawyer? He will also discuss what high school students should consider before deciding to embark on the path that leads to law school; as well as, some of ethical challenges and paradoxical roles commonly encounter by lawyers. (Running Time 25:00)

Why Radiology? A Specialized Doctor of Medicine

Presented by: Jason Stephenson - Radiologist & Assistant Professor, UW School of Medicine - Radiology Dept.

Description: Most of us have heard the term – radiology, but we may not know what the profession entails. Dr. Jason Stephenson will describe what a Radiologist does and what special training is required for the field. This will also include a brief discussion of what the term “Medical Imaging” means and why it is important in the care of patients. Dr. Stephenson also shares his story in the pursuit of a career in Radiology. (Running Time 23:17)

WICPA - Accounting Careers Do Not Have To Be Taxing

Presented by: Randy Wichinski - Tax Partner/Executive Director (Retired), Ernst & Young

Description: An accounting degree provides an excellent foundation for virtually every business related career in any industry. A career in accounting is not just about adding numbers or preparing tax returns; it is about understanding and providing the necessary support for critical business issues, which also includes compliance with a complex system of tax laws. As Randy Wichinski will discuss, accounting and tax positions in public accounting, industry, or in government are not boring, they are exciting and rewarding. They can also provide you with the skills and experience for other career opportunities that you may encounter. (Running Time 23:36)

WICPA - Accounting Careers: The Role of a Controller

Presented by: Laura Klocke - Controller, First Supply Madison

Description: A big part of running a successful business is managing financial resources. This main budgeting role is typically handled by a company's top accountant - the controller. Laura Klocke shares her insight on what a controller is responsible for and how this high-level accounting post can lead to great career advances. (Running Time 24:07)

WICPA - Accounting: a Boost to a Business Career

Presented by: Paul Krejcarek - Vice President of Operations, Perlick Corporation

Description: Getting a degree in accounting doesn’t mean you must be a CPA working on taxes and financial spreadsheets all day. An accounting degree can be a stepping stone into a career in business. Paul Krejcarek is the Vice President of Operations for Perlick Corporation, a Milwaukee manufacturer of high-end specialty bar equipment and refrigeration. Krejcarek relates how he used his accounting background to build upon a career in business. (Running Time 23:49)

WICPA - Accounting: A Perfect Fit for Some

Presented by: Megan Schultz - Accounting Manager, Advanced Pain Management

Description: Unlike many young people who struggle with career path decisions, Megan Schultz had herself pegged to become an accountant since the seventh grade. She figured she’d become a Certified Public Accountant just like her grandpa. And while her career started that way, it has melded into a management accounting career within a company, challenging her to problem solve while working with the numbers behind the business. Megan highlights the numerous accounting career paths to fit all kinds of personalities. (Running Time 25:56)

WICPA - Certified Public Accountant: Passport to Success

Presented by: Jeff Brandenburg - Partner & CPA, Clifton Gunderson LLP

Description: Many people believe they know what Certified Public Accountants do every day. This session will explore accounting careers and the many opportunities that can be taken to enjoy a rewarding and successful profession. Jeff Brandenburg enjoys discussing with students what they think a CPA does versus the actual career paths that are available in the profession. No matter what your career choice may be, Jeff will discuss why having some knowledge of accounting is important and he encourages students to ask questions about how they can use an accounting career as a passport to success. (Running Time 23:56)

WICPA - Certified Public Accountant…More than just Math

Presented by: Neil Keller - CPA/Tax Partner, Sikich LLP

Description: It may surprise you that being good at math is not the key to becoming a Certified Public Accountant. Neil Keller heads up the tax department at Sikich LLP, ranked among the top 50 largest CPA firms in the nation. Keller explains how numbers are only a small part of the big CPA picture. Learn what new CPA’s can look forward to and what skills are important for a successful career. (Running Time 23:08)

WICPA - Certified Public Accounting Options for Today's World

Presented by: Matt Vanderloo - CPA/Senior Manager, SVA Professional Services

Description: As a CPA and Senior Manager of one of the top 100 public accounting firms in the country, Matt Vanderloo provides insight on options for a career in accounting. Matt will talk about his path from a music minor to an accounting major, and from a new staff accountant to a senior manager. From the busy tax season to the typical day as a CPA, learn about the training and exams involved to get into this numbers game. (Running Time 22:36)

WICPA - CPA: Professional Chameleons in Business

Presented by: Karen Prochaska - CPA/Senior Tax Manager, Clifton Gunderson

Description: Certified Public Accountants have many roles and jobs and many CPA’s perform a variety of duties which many of us do not always know about or see. Through Karen’s evolving duties in public accounting, she will describe where accounting has taken her in prior roles and with our ever changing economy on the forefront impacting all of our careers, Karen will discuss how she sees a CPA’s role today and in the future. (Running Time 24:52)

WICPA - Finance Technology

Presented by: Evonne Cash, CPA, CITP - Finance Technology Manager, CUNA Mutual Group

Description: I will cover my career path to the current state. I will describe starting in tax, moving to consulting and then industry. Even though I am a CPA, it is much more technology focused. It will entail my love of technology and why I do what I do.

WICPA - In-House Accountant: Your ticket to Anywhere!

Presented by: Linda Leikness - Chief Operations Officer, Deltanoid Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Description: All businesses need accountants, from professional football teams to technology companies to not-for-profits. Learn why accountants are many times promoted into management positions and are ideally suited to start their own companies in a variety of industries. The possibilities are endless when you start with accounting knowledge. (Running Time - 23:29)

WICPA - More Than Just the “Tax Guy/Gal” Video Coming Soon

Presented by: Drew Faust, CPA - Partner/Owner, Simply Balanced Accounting

Description: Do you have a knack for numbers and a strong attention to detail? While certified public accountants (CPAs) are often just thought of as the “tax guy/gal”, they routinely play a vital role in the operation of businesses large and small. The CPA credential is highly sought-after and provides a tremendous amount of job security and transferability. Drew Faust will share his background and detail his path to becoming a CPA and small business owner.

WICPA - More than Scores: Accounting in the NBA

Presented by: Danica Olson - Accounting Manager, Milwaukee Bucks, Inc.

Description: Accountants are numbers people. Professional basketball is also concerned with numbers: highest score, shot percentages, stats & standings, salaries. For Danica Olson the two worlds collide in her role as the Accounting Manager for the Milwaukee Bucks. Danica shares her story of how she came to work in the front office of the Bucks. She’ll talk about her training to become an accountant, her daily responsibilities and how students could also have a shot at a job in the NBA. (Running Time 23:02)

WICPA - Tax Accounting – It’s more than pushing a pencil towards the April 15th deadline

Presented by: Jessica Gatzke CPA MST - Shareholder, Scribner Cohen & Company SC

Description: Being a trusted advisor and consultant for business owners and individuals is a challenging and rewarding career. Tax Accountants get to help individuals and businesses file necessary reports with the Internal Revenue Service on an annual basis. Jessica gets to work with all different types of businesses throughout the year such as restaurants, law firms, doctors, car dealers and real estate owners to name a few. Jessica will explain how she became interested in the field of accounting, how she decided to pursue the specialization in taxation and then how she decided to become an owner in a public accounting firm in downtown Milwaukee.

WICPA - The Accounting Profession: Accounting is So Much More!

Presented by: Jane Weiss PhD, CPA - Assistant Professor in Accounting, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Description: Accounting is a profession that is so much more than bookkeeping. Jane’s background will identify a non-traditional path into the accounting profession and where the profession has led her to be an accounting professor. She will talk about how students should prepare, what to expect and job opportunities in the accounting profession. She will conclude with a discussion of an alternate opportunity in the accounting profession as an accounting educator.

WICPA - Three Little Letters that Bring Countless Opportunities: CPA

Presented by: Lacey Puls, CPA - Senior Accountant, Smith & Gesteland LLP

Description: While a career in accounting may not seem the most glamorous of jobs, obtaining your CPA license can provide numerous career opportunities for long-term growth and advancement. Lacey Puls shares her personal experience of obtaining her CPA, while also providing an overview of the various opportunities in the evolving accounting field.

WICPA - Top 10 Most Secure Jobs - Why Accountants Make The Cut

Presented by: Andrea Newman, CPA, MPA - Manager, Smith & Gesteland, LLP

Description: Contrary to popular belief, a career in accounting doesn't necessarily mean you work on taxes, can do math in your head or that you prefer to work alone. A degree in accounting opens many doors, some of which may surprise you. Andrea Newman shares the opportunities that accounting can provide, while providing a brief overview of her path to becoming a CPA at Smith & Gesteland, LLP.

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