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An Adventurous Career in Chocolate

Presented by: Gail Ambrosius - Chocolatier, Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier

Description: Learn what it’s like to have your own chocolate company from nationally known chocolatier, Gail Ambrosius. Gail has traveled to France to learn how to make chocolate. She visits cacao farms, where the beans that make chocolate are grown, in Ecuador, Venezuela and Costa Rica. She brings that world of experience back to her shop, where she and her staff make dark chocolate truffles by hand that are shipped around the country. (Running Time 19:17)

An Eye for Design: Exploring Careers in Architecture

Presented by: Carol Richard - Partner & Architect, Richard Wittschiebe Hand

Description: The world of architecture is an evolving industry with the use of new technologies and the focus on sustainability and green building efforts in recent years. Carol Richard has helped lead the industry’s evolution with more than 30 years of experience and founder of her own firm. Carol reflects on why she became an architect and how the field has changed for women over the years. She’ll discuss the career outlook for all young people with an eye for design and construction. (Running Time 21:40)

Analyzing Data and Risk for the Insurance Industry

Presented by: Justin Cruz - Actuarial Vice President, American Family Insurance Corporation

Description: How do insurance companies decide how much to charge for insurance? It’s all in the numbers. If you are into math, listen up. Learn about what it takes to be in the actuarial profession from one of the top actuarial decision makers at one of the nation’s largest insurance companies. (Running Time 24:42)

App Development: a Young Entrepreneur’s Story

Presented by: Wes Schroll - Creator & CEO, Fetch Rewards

Description: From UW business student to app developer, Wes Schroll shares his story of the new Smartphone app he co-developed. If you asked him three years ago, he would have laughed at the thought he would ever be passionate about reinventing grocery shopping. However, looking back now at his path including dropping out of school at UW-Madison, raising millions of dollars, building a team of 25 employees, and now CEO of a startup; he has a very different response. Here how Fetch Rewards is helping reinvent the grocery shopping experience and what it takes to get into App Development. (Running Time 22:44)

Applying to College and Acing Admissions

Presented by: Dawn Moyer - College Access Advisor, Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation

Description: This college preparation session helps students learn how to complete college applications, provides tips on application best practices and what to keep in mind when choosing a college. (Running Time - 36:12)

Architecture: You Can Change the World

Presented by: Arlan Kay - Architect, Architecture Network, Inc.

Description: Do you have an eye for building design? Could a career in architecture bring out your imagination? Learn about the world of an architect, from one of Wisconsin’s best known architectural professionals. Arlan Kay will share ideas on what traits make a good architect, what kind of training is involved and where the industry is headed. (Running Time 23:02)

Are you an Entrepreneur?

Presented by: Michelle Anich - Business Advisor, Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation

Description: Students today have seen many young entrepreneurs grow into successful business people – Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, to name a few. Do you think you have what it takes to be your own boss? Do you dream of one day creating a new product or business venture? As a business advisor and business owner herself, Michelle Anich, takes students through some of the skills needed and challenges that exist for those considering an entrepreneurial career path. (Running Time 22:21)

Are You Financially Literate? Tips for Students

Presented by: Meridee Maynard - Senior Vice President, Northwestern Mutual Companies

Description: As you plan for your future, do you know how best to handle the money that you will make when you begin your career? You don’t have to wait. Meridee Maynard, a member of the Governor’s Task Force on Financial Literacy, offers up some financial basics and good money habits. Understanding basic financial information, and starting to better manage your money now, will make you fiscally stronger down the road. (Running Time 22:23)

ATC - American Transmission Company Real Estate: A career in Right-of-way!

Presented by: Julie Hanson - Senior Real Estate Representative, American Transmission Company, LLC

Description: When you think of a career in Real Estate, you typically think of buying and selling houses. At American Transmission Company, the Real Estate department buys rights-of-ways or easements from landowners, which gives our company the right to construct, operate and maintain our poles and wires. A career as a right-of-way representative includes acquiring and managing these real estate interests, including buying land in fee or easements, leases, contracts, permits with either landowners, corporations and governmental agencies. Julie will share her journey of beginning as a Real Estate Technical Assistant and her path to become a Senior Real Estate Representative, her responsibilities as a RE Representative, and educational requirements to become a right-of-way agent.

ATC - Electrical Engineering: Career Mobility within Electric Utilities

Presented by: Bob Sier - Consulting Engineer, American Transmission Company

Description: Today we hear a lot about preparing for a career that will require many job changes at a number of different companies. While job changes are part of the picture, with flexibility you could work for a utility and have diverse engineering jobs within your career and receive ongoing training to enable you to perform. Many utilities include a variety of electrical engineering opportunities in power generation and transmission and distribution. Job descriptions vary widely but include: planning for future system improvements, design of control and protection systems, design of transmission lines and substations, communications and computer systems, development of standards to name a few categories. (Running Time 23:10)

ATC - Environmental Careers in Private Business

Presented by: Joan Kozisek - Environmental Team Lead, American Transmission Company, LLC

Description: Government agencies or non-profits are not the only place to work if you love the environment and want to ensure it is protected for future generations. Businesses also need devoted people who can help them understand how business and protection of the environment can co-exist. Joan Kozisek is an environmental expert for American Transmission Company, developing methods that minimize environmental impacts when new transmission lines are developed by the utility. She explains her work on a typical project and offers guidance to students looking for careers helping protect our natural resources. (Running Time 22:14)

ATC - From high school yearbook staff to Corporate Communications

Presented by: Anne Spaltholz - Manager of Corporate Communications, American Transmission Company

Description: When Anne Spaltholz joined her high school yearbook staff, it turned out to be a window into her future as head of Corporate Communications for a $3 billion utility. A career in communications includes writing, graphic design, web development, social media, video production, public speaking, project management and leadership. (Running Time 23:35)

ATC - How to Succeed in Business Through Relationships and Communication

Presented by: Greg Levesque - Environmental & Local Relations, American Transmission Company

Description: In today’s global economy it is more important than ever to develop good relationships and communicate effectively. Greg Levesque will talk about his business management experience and explore how you can be successful in your career (and personal life) by leveraging these two crucial areas, while also having some fun along the way. You will also learn how the work place is filled with a diverse array of talent and gain valuable insight into how you can recognize and develop your own unique skills and traits to achieve success in whatever you pursue in life. (Running Time 22:57)

Athletic Trainer: An Important Team Member in Sports Medicine

Presented by: Andrew Winterstein - Director/Associate Clinical Professor, Athletic Training Program UW-Madison

Description: Andrew Winterstein takes students through the process of becoming a Certified Athletic Trainer. Learn how these highly trained healthcare professionals work hand-in-hand with physicians and other team members in sports medicine. What are the job responsibilities and rewards that come from working with athletes? And how do Athletic Trainers help general patients maintain active healthy lives? (Running Time 23:30)

Automotive Career Skills to Drive Your Success

Presented by: Mike Fitzgerald - Service & Parts Director, Zimbrick, Acura and Volkswagen of Middleton

Description: If cars are your thing, a career as an automotive technician could get you on the road to success. You can begin your skills training in high school and even gain valuable hands-on experience working at a local automotive business. In this session, learn about how to plan for your specialized training in automotive technology after high school and the options available to you to move up in the industry as you help keep America’s cars moving on our roads. (Running Time 25:50)

Becoming a Builder: Carpentry and Other Construction Trades

Presented by: Tim Sweeney - President & Co-owner, Sweeney Construction

Description: Whether it’s building things from the ground up or reworking existing structures, the construction trades provide careers that are truly hands-on. As the head of a well-established design and remodeling business, Tim Sweeney provides insight on the variety of skilled trades that are needed for those who want to become a builder, remodeler and everything in-between. (Running Time 22:03)

Becoming a Pharmacist

Presented by: Jeanette Roberts - Dean and Professor, UW Madison School of Pharmacy

Description: Pharmacy, one of the most trusted professions in the world, has always been an exciting and rewarding career, and is a highly pursued field in health care. Pharmacists work directly with patients and help them get well. Career placement opportunities are vast and starting salaries are among the highest of college graduates. The Dean of the UW Madison School of Pharmacy guides students through the rewards and requirements of choosing a career in Pharmacy. (Running Time 22:48)

Becoming a Teacher – a Career in Education

Presented by: Elizabeth A. Dohrn, PhD - Project Director, UW-Madison WI Center for Education Research

Description: As students, we’ve all grown up seeing what teachers do every day. But what does the world of education look like from the other side? As one who teaches teachers, Elizabeth Dohrn shares details on the process to become a K-12 teacher in general education or special education. What type of coursework is needed, what a “day in the life” of a teacher is like, and what kinds of pre-teaching experiences will enhance your path to a career in education. (Running Time 24:52)

Being a Civil Law Attorney – Fighting for Justice for All

Presented by: Heidi Wegleitner - Attorney, Legal Action of Wisconsin

Description: People often think of attorneys as those who make the big bucks and drive fancy cars. But for lawyers who fight for equal justice for low-income people, the rewards are not measured in dollars. Heidi Wegleitner is a staff attorney with Legal Action of Wisconsin, a law firm that provides free legal services in civil law cases surrounding basic needs such as food, housing and health care. Heidi shares her insight and passion for the work she does helping people in need as they face eviction from their homes or other basic living crises.(Running Time 24:33)

Being a Realtor: a Daring Adventure in Home Sales

Presented by: Amy Sherman-Kortbein - Realtor, Restaino & Associates

Description: Helping people buy or sell homes isn’t for the faint of heart. But being a Realtor is a very rewarding profession for people who love homes and have a passion for helping people through what can be one of the most stressful experiences in life. Having struggled to find the “right” career, Amy Kortbein threw caution to the wind and decided to get her real estate license. Amy will discuss what it takes to develop a real estate business and the ups and downs of industry. (Running Time 24:17)

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