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Earn While You Learn: Apprenticeship Programs

Presented by: James Cook - Apprenticeship Manager, Madison College

Description: Do you like the idea of getting on-the-job training as a way to start your career? Not all students want to pursue a degree in college, but can still find a path to a great career through an apprenticeship program. Madison College Apprenticeship Manager James Cook reviews the kinds of skilled trades and technical jobs that utilize apprenticeships. Learn what you need to do to get in on the ground floor of an interesting career and earn while you learn as an apprentice. (Running Time 22:16)

Electrical Careers: From Apprentice to Master Electrician

Presented by: RJ Logan - Vice President & Master Electrician, Design Electric of Madison

Description: The road to becoming a Master Electrician is one that takes many hours of hands-on training, on-the-job experience and dedication to quality workmanship. RJ Logan began as an electrical apprentice in 1999 and through hard work has become a Master Electrician and co-owner of Design Electric of Madison specializing in lighting design, installation and remodeling. RJ takes students through the process of becoming an electrical apprentice, what to expect on the job and some of the long-term goals to consider for a career in electrical. (Running Time 22:46)

Electrical Engineering: Career Mobility within Electric Utilities

Presented by: Bob Sier - Consulting Engineer, American Transmission Company

Description: Today we hear a lot about preparing for a career that will require many job changes at a number of different companies. While job changes are part of the picture, with flexibility you could work for a utility and have diverse engineering jobs within your career and receive ongoing training to enable you to perform. Many utilities include a variety of electrical engineering opportunities in power generation and transmission and distribution. Job descriptions vary widely but include: planning for future system improvements, design of control and protection systems, design of transmission lines and substations, communications and computer systems, development of standards to name a few categories. (Running Time 23:10)

Emergency Medicine: Life as an ER Doctor

Presented by: Dr. Michael Lohmeier - Emergency Room Physician, UW Hospital and Clinics, Emergency Department

Description: A career in medicine is challenging and rigorous, particularly for those who work in Emergency Medicine. Dr. Michael Lohmeier serves on the front line of patient care in the Emergency Room for UW Hospitals & Clinics in Madison, a Level One Trauma Center that cares for the most critical of patients. Dr. Lohmeier explains what life is like on the job as an ER Doctor and what kind of training, character traits and skills are needed for those who want a career saving lives. (Running Time 23:15)

Endless Opportunities in IT: Computer Scientist to Manager Video Coming Soon

Presented by: Judy Warzel - Professional Services Manager, WTS Paradigm

Description: After graduating with bachelor’s degree in computer science, Judy Warzel started her career as a Software Developer. Since then, Judy has worked in variety of roles including Consultant and Project Manager. Now as Professional Services Manager, Judy leads a team made up of all the roles she’s served in. Judy talks about how her education and professional experience prepared her for the ever-changing world of IT and leadership, and what a typical day at a software development and services company looks like.

Engineering & Oreos: Delicious, but are they really related?

Presented by: Cindie M. Wells - Global Project Commercialization Manager, Mondelēz International

Description: When you eat an Oreo, do you ever say to yourself, ‘wow, I would love a job making Oreos, but I want to be an Engineer’? Well, you actually can have it all and might be surprised to learn how many opportunities there are in the Food Industry! Cindie Wells will share her career path and explain how graduating as a Chemical Engineer allowed her to experience unique, diverse and rewarding roles throughout the past 25 years. (Running Time 22:41)

English Junkies: Read & Write for a Living!

Presented by: Christine Henzig - Director of Communications, Wisconsin Credit Union League

Description: Is English your favorite subject? Do you love to read and write? Then consider a career in public relations, which involves reading, writing, editing and speaking for a business. As a PR pro, your job is to help a company achieve its goals through your communications. As Director of Communications for a trade association, Christine Henzig earns a living telling the media and lawmakers how Wisconsin citizens save millions annually by borrowing and saving at credit unions. Learn how sharing information starts with good writing and (never!) ends with lots and lots of editing. (Running Time 22:23)

Entomologist: Understanding a Bug’s Life

Presented by: Phil Pellitteri - Distinguished Faculty Associate, UW Madison Department of Entomology

Description: Insects make up about 80 percent of the life forms on Earth. Understanding this dominant species is the role of an Entomologist. Phil Pellitteri has made the science of bugs his life’s work, running the Insect Diagnostic Lab at UW-Madison for about 35 years. Through his work as an Entomologist, and Wisconsin’s anointed “Bug Expert,” Pellitteri explains how this ever changing field of science can identify important insect issues and their impact on humans. (Running Time 23:31)

Entrepreneur: a Young Businessman’s Story

Presented by: Brennon Garthwait - President, Renwig Custom

Description: Being an entrepreneur is as much about your career as it is a lifestyle. That according to young businessman Brennon Garthwait of Whitewater, Wisconsin. Brennon’s company, Renwig Custom is a unique start-up business that is developing a new technology for the control of Tube Amplifiers. This technology allows musicians to control the sound of the amplifier with their feet making the amplifier an extension of the instrument. Sharing his evolving experience, Brennon discusses the ins and outs of starting your own business, and how students can leverage their education to take the jump. (Running Time 22:53)

Entrepreneur:You Miss all the Shots You Don't Take

Presented by: Jim Zellmer - Vice President, Virtual Properties, Inc

Description: Wouldn’t it be great if you could just create your own job? Madison business owner Jim Zellmer thinks today’s students should understand and learn how they can do just that, relaying the famous quote: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Zellmer’s career is one of entrepreneurial experiences from his young years mowing lawns to co-founding an Internet and app software firm in 1995. Jim offers his advice and shares his answer to a long ago boss who questioned, “Why are you working so hard?” (Running Time 23:43)

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Turning your passion into a Career

Presented by: Jim Berkenstadt - Author & Researcher, The Rock And Roll Detective®, LLC

Description: An attorney by training, Jim Berkenstadt left the legal world behind and turned his passion for rock and roll from a hobby into a career. As the Rock And Roll Detective® Berkenstadt has researched and written scores of articles, blogs and books on the topic of rock and roll including: “The Beatle Who Vanished,” “Nevermind Nirvana” and “Black Market Beatles.” He created a niche in the entertainment world that has allowed him to be a consultant to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, VH1 Behind The Music, Dick Clark Productions and director Martin Scorsese, to name a few. Berkenstadt will discuss how it’s possible to take your passion and build upon it into a career. (Running Time 24:14)

Entrepreneurship as a Career Option

Presented by: Richard Entennman - Executive Director, Asset Builders of America, Inc.

Description: Richard Entenmann discuss how he became an entrepreneur, specifically a social entrepreneur, helping others become financially fit. Discover the value of becoming financially educated as a way to build wealth and enhance the quality of your life. Learn what kind of traits you may need to consider creating your own kind of career. (Running Time 21:56)

Environmental Careers in Private Business

Presented by: Joan Kozisek - Environmental Team Lead, American Transmission Company, LLC

Description: Government agencies or non-profits are not the only place to work if you love the environment and want to ensure it is protected for future generations. Businesses also need devoted people who can help them understand how business and protection of the environment can co-exist. Joan Kozisek is an environmental expert for American Transmission Company, developing methods that minimize environmental impacts when new transmission lines are developed by the utility. She explains her work on a typical project and offers guidance to students looking for careers helping protect our natural resources. (Running Time 22:14)

Environmental Planning: Managing Human-Wildlife Conflicts

Presented by: Kim Wagner - Environmental Coordinator & Wildlife Biologist, US Department of Agriculture

Description: Wild animals are treasured by the American people, but sometimes wildlife can cause damage to property, livestock, crops and natural resources or pose risks to human health and safety. Government agencies and private industry hire individuals of varying education and experience levels to help people resolve wildlife conflicts in a safe and responsible manner. Professionals in this field need to develop management plans that balance the need to reduce conflicts, protect the environment and respect widely divergent public attitudes on how wildlife should be managed. Kim Wagner will talk about her role as an Environmental Coordinator for the US Department of Agriculture and how students who study the hard sciences have great career options in this field. (Running Time 22:55)

Epidemiologist: Disease Detective

Presented by: Amanda Kita-Yarbro - Epidemiologist, Public Health – Madison & Dane County

Description: Medical professionals help heal the sick when illness occurs. But tracking what communicable diseases are in the community is the role of an epidemiologist. Amanda Kita-Yarbro studies infectious diseases in the Madison and Dane County area, investigating outbreaks and planning for public health emergencies. She reviews for students what it’s like to work in this biology-related field helping to keep our communities healthy. (Running Time 23:45)

Equine Veterinarians: The Last of the “House Call” Doctors

Presented by: Howard Ketover - Equine Veterinarian, Irongate Equine Clinic

Description: Do you know that you want to work with animals, but not sure that the small animal experience is for you? As an equine veterinarian, Dr. Ketover gets to work outside, with animals, and develop meaningful relationships with each client. He’s ready to talk to you about the pros and cons of equine veterinary work, and what you need to do to become a veterinarian. (Running Time 23:45)

Exploring a Two-Year Liberal Arts Transfer Program

Presented by: Torvic Caradine - Student Recruiter & Community Outreach, Madison College

Description: For many students the decision of where to go to school and what to study adds a lot of stress to planning for life after high school. In recent years Wisconsin’s technical college system and two-year UW system campuses have increased efforts to guide students to consider a Liberal Arts two-year transfer track. It’s a great option that also can save students money. Using Madison College as an example, Enrollment Coordinator Torvic Caradine explains the benefits of starting your college experience at a two-year campus, with the goal of transferring on to finish a bachelor’s degree at a four-year university. (Running Time 19:07)

Exploring Exciting Careers in Agriculture

Presented by: Thomas Browne - Asst. Dean Undergraduate Programs & Services, UW College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Description: Learn about career and academic opportunities offered in the College of Agricultural Life Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Jobs in food, health, energy, and environment are all goals that students can attain, and in an economy and job situation that has many people rightfully concerned, opportunities in these areas are typically available. This discussion will highlight the pathways to consider in pursuing these goals. (Running Time 24:01)

Exploring Nature, One Microbe at a time: University Professor

Presented by: Garret Suen - Assistant Professor of Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Description: Wonder what it’s like to be a professor working at a University? It’s not all just teaching! Much of what a professor in the biological sciences does is run a lab and conduct cutting-edge research. Garret Suen will share his experience as a professor at UW-Madison and talk about how his research has allowed him to study a host of exotic animals and microbes around the world. Garret will discuss what a day in the life of a professor entails, and how careers in research and biotech both at the university and beyond, can open the door to explore the wonders of the natural world. (Running Time 29:45)

F-16 Jet Fighter Pilot

Presented by: John Sacia - Major/F-16 Jet Pilot, Air National Guard - 115th Fighter Wing

Description: Being at the controls of an F-16 fighter jet is a unique job that takes intense training and dedication. Hear what an average work day is like for one of Wisconsin's Air National Guard jet pilots serving with the 115th Fighter Wing. Major John Sacia has been all over the world flying military aircraft and shares his career experiences providing combat readiness for the nation. (Running Time 20:41)

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