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Industrial Equipment Service Technician, a Hands-on Skilled Trade

Presented by: Patrick Dockerty - Field Service Manager, Crown Lift Equipment

Description: Manufacturing, construction and industry settings use a variety of large machines in their operations. When equipment breaks down, trained technicians come to the rescue. In his role as a service manager for Crown Lift Equipment, Patrick Dockerty will review what it takes to be an Industrial Equipment Service Technician. What kinds of skills are needed to work on these high-priced machines and what are the rewards of a career in this hands-on field. (Running Time 22:27)

Information Technology – Understanding a Web of Career Paths

Presented by: Todd Peterson - PC Support Specialist II, Meriter Hospital

Description: In the world Information Technology you hear terms like networking, programming and desktop help. But where do these fit into a career in IT. With more than 17 years of experience in the field, Todd Peterson will help make sense of the maze of career opportunities in Information Technology. He’ll explain the entire spectrum of IT processes today how the field remains a critical part of all business. Todd will also use his 11 years of experience as an adjunct instructor for Lakeland College to discuss education options available for students who desire to enter into the IT job market and a career. (Running Time 23:14)

Information Technology Careers

Presented by: James Madden - I/S Strategy & Planning Director, American Family Insurance

Description: Information Technology – or IT as it’s commonly referred – is part of our everyday life and is critical to the success of almost every business or organization. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, James Madden will provide an overview of what Information Technology is. He’ll explain the entire spectrum of IT processes and roles that exist in the field today. Looking forward to how IT is changing and growing, Madden will explain what kinds of career opportunities are in store for today’s students. (Running Time 24:22)

Integrative Health Care: a Nurse Practitioner's Story

Presented by: Debra Rodriguez - Nurse Practitioner & Coordinator, St. Clare Hospital - Healthy Living Center

Description: The idea of combining alternative methods of treatments with traditional medicine began to emerge in the 1990s. Today the field of Integrative Health Care has opened up a multitude of new opportunities for young people interested in careers helping heal the whole person. Nurse Practitioner Debra Rodriguez shares her career story from registered nurse to coordinator of St. Clare Hospital’s Integrative Medicine efforts. Debra will explain what alternative treatments are and how patients are seeing results. (Running Time 23:30)

Invader Crusader: Federal Biologist

Presented by: Art Wagner - Pest Survey Specialist, United States Department of Agriculture

Description: The Federal Government employs a wide range of biologists in a variety of different agencies of varying education levels. They work on animal, plant and human health issues as well as farming, animal husbandry, forestry and fish and wildlife. Some are research scientists; others focus on regulatory efforts to facilitate international trade. Many of these jobs however, are not well known to the general public. Art will talk about his role as a Pest Survey Specialist for the US Dept. of Agriculture and how he trained for this interesting career. (Running Time 25:27)

Is Being a Business Owner all it’s Cracked Up to Be?

Presented by: Kati Whitledge - Entrepreneur, Speaker, Cosmetologist, Author & Podcaster, Inspired Enterprises, Inc. & Be Inspired Salon, Inc.

Description: Join Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author and Podcaster, Kati Whitledge for a look into the journey of starting new businesses. What does it take? Will it be worth it? Kati will give you the realistic insights to beginning, enduring, and enjoying the life of an entrepreneur.

IT Help Desk: Front Line Troubleshooters

Presented by: Seth Tomlinson - Help Desk Team, Meriter Hospital

Description: Reliable computer connectivity is critical to all companies. So when things go wrong, all eyes turn to the Information Technology experts for help. Seth Tomlinson provides IT Help Desk and Desktop support for employees of Meriter Hospital in Madison. He takes students through a day in the life of an IT troubleshooter and what training is needed to work in the field. (Running Time 21:26)

It’s All About Crops!

Presented by: Mark Weihing - Farm Center, WI-DATCP,

Description: Farm Center Team Lead, the Division of Agricultural Development, WI Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. Mark’s crop advising experience totals more than 34 years and included positions as a Dairy Farm Manager, Farm Supply Manager, UW Extension Agricultural Agent as well as positions with DuPont Pioneer. Mark’s career has seen several new production initiatives including precision agriculture, biotechnology and nutrient management. Mark has mentored clients and colleagues on ways to adopt these practices in a way that best suits their needs and he will share his knowledge of careers in the wild world of crop agriculture.

It’s Hot in Here! Life as a Professional Chef

Presented by: Sean Fogarty - Executive Chef, Discovery Culinary Collaborative

Description: From a young age Sean Fogarty was a lover of food and travel; a career as a cook and chef has allowed him to see the world and experience regional differences from the table. Life as a chef has its daily challenges; there are few professions that compare when you consider the combination of physical and mental demand that is required every day to have success in the restaurant industry. There are also few professions that allow you to travel the globe and truly immerse yourself in a regions culture. Not to mention the delicious food.

Job Interviewing Tips from a Career Coach

Presented by: Megan Watt - Career Coach & Executive Director, Dream Catalyst Labs

Description: For young people interviewing for a first job can be very intimidating. Learning to sharpen your interviewing skills now, will go a long way for scholarship applications, college admissions and eventually career employment. As a career coach, Megan Watt offers some tips for students on how nail your next interview. (Running Time 25:14)

Jobs that Make a Difference: Careers in the Nonprofit World

Presented by: Julann Jatczak - Vice President, Impact Initiatives, Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation

Description: We’ve all heard about organizations that work to make the world a better place or groups that help out individuals less fortunate. Nonprofit businesses – like Goodwill, Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts, hospitals, local theater companies – combine both social purpose and business principles to achieve big goals. Julann Jatczak has been the Vice President of a statewide nonprofit agency for 17 years. She’ll share what it means to work at a nonprofit and discuss the differences between private-sector, government, and nonprofit careers. Plus, Julann will dispel some common myths and show that it is possible to make money and make a difference at the same time! (Running Time 24:11)

Law Enforcement: Challenges and Rewards

Presented by: Dave Mahoney - Sheriff, Dane County Sheriff's Office

Description: Keeping our communities safe is a highly regarded job that many young people consider pursuing. A career in law enforcement can be demanding but it can also bring about a great deal of satisfaction in helping others. Learn from one of the state’s top cops about what it takes to become part of the force and what kinds of skills and opportunities you will obtain in law enforcement. (Running Time 22:54)

Law School 101: the ins-and-outs of getting in and why people go

Presented by: Sir Williams - Director of Admissions, University of Wisconsin Law School

Description: Have you ever sat and dreamed about how you would change the world if you only had the power? Well, while law school won’t necessarily provide you with the magic wand of world domination, it can teach you the art of WORD domination which, when combined with other skills, can take you pretty far. Sir Williams will walk you through the process of getting into law school and will discuss how a law degree might come in handy once you are out of school. (Running Time 24:55)

Learn Smart Money Habits to Benefit Your Future

Presented by: Alejo Torres - Senior Outreach Program Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Description: Learn about how the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago is taking an active role in helping consumers become more ‘Money Smart’ and why managing money is such an important life skill. Mr. Torres also talks about his career in public outreach and how a Chicago-based financial literacy campaign is becoming a national phenomenon. (Running Time 23:01)

Life with Fish: DNR Fisheries Manager

Presented by: Kurt Welke - Fisheries Manager, Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources

Description: What is it like shepherding the natural resources of Wisconsin from a field manager’s chair? As a seasoned Fisheries Manager for the Department of Natural Resources, Kurt Welke shares insight on why natural resources are a valuable and worthwhile profession, what it takes to compete in civil service, and how the business of “the outdoors” works on a daily basis. We’ll walk through an average day in the life of a fisheries manager and outline what students need to know and how they go about getting the knowledge and experience required for this rewarding career. (Running Time 24:03)

Litigation Attorney – Experts in the Courtroom

Presented by: Truscenialyn Brooks - Attorney, Perkins Coie LLP

Description: There are many lawyers who practice law but never set foot in a courtroom. Those who specialize in taking cases into court are Litigation Attorneys. Truscenialyn Brooks is a litigator with Perkins Coie LLP in Madison. She specializes Intellectual Property law (patents) but also is involved with civil and criminal litigation for prisoners on a pro bono basis. Truscenialyn walks students through the day-to-day work of a litigation attorney – what happens before, during and after a trial. (Running Time 24:03)

Making a Living as a Musician

Presented by: Beth Kille - Singer/Songwriter & Guitar/Songwriting Instructor, Beth Kille Music

Description: Beth Kille will describe the skill set she has developed over the past 14 years as an independent (“Indie”) performing singer/songwriter to survive in the whirlwind music business without selling her soul. Details on a “day in the life” of a professional musician will be shared, along with specific resources one can use for learning the ropes of the music industry. (Running Time 21:09)

Making the Grade: Being a Grade School Teacher

Presented by: Randy Kalscheuer - 3rd Grade Teacher, Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District

Description: It’s called an A-Ha moment…the moment in which someone understands something for the first time and the “light bulb” goes on. Imagine if you were the one who flips the switch. Find out about the non-traditional path Randy Kalscheuer took from newsroom to classroom and what it takes to be an elementary school teacher. Randy will discuss certification requirements, license renewal, and what a typical day is like in order to “make the grade.” (Running Time 24:09)

Mammals, turtles & birds, oh my! The Life of a Wildlife Rehabilitator

Presented by: Jackie Edmunds - Wildlife Rehabilitation Coordinator, Dane County Humane Society

Description: Many students discover their passion for the biological sciences during high school or college by taking courses in general biology, animal sciences, botany, or anatomy and physiology. However, with such a broad array of topics to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow that passion and focus on a future career path. Jackie was born with a passion for helping animals, yet she never could have dreamed of working as a wildlife rehabilitator or researching bird populations. Jackie shares how her experiences led her to the Dane County Humane Society and what other opportunities are available to students in the wildlife rehabilitation field. (Running Time 23:36)

Management Careers in the Big Leagues of Retail

Presented by: Wally Amerson - Market Manager, Sam's Clubs of Wisconsin

Description: Wally Amerson has built his 25 year management career with one of best known names in retail. Currently he oversees operations in 12 Sam’s Clubs with 1600 associates and 75 assistants throughout the state of Wisconsin. He began as a cart associate and worked his way into management, twice being named club manager of the year. Through his work with Sam’s Club, Wally shares insight with students on qualities and skills to be successful in big league retail management. (Running Time 24:21)

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